Laboratory5 Inc. is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Cyndi Coon is a writer, a disruptor, a play activator, a speaker, a creative experience instigator and Creative Clarity advisor.

Cyndi is a storyteller who sees the world in pictures. She connects with people to co-create big giant ideas as a thinker and a dot connector. As a speaker, teacher and a leader she has contagious positivity and high energy!

She lives and work in a creative space.

Contact us if you want to find out about working with us: info at laboratory5 dot com


For Website Cyndi

Cyndi Coon is the Founder and Chief Creative Experience Instigator of Laboratory5 Inc. She has a distinct way of thinking that offers a unique perspective on the world. She loves to connect with people and share big giant ideas. She loves to explore, hike, camp, listen to music, read and get creative. Cyndi is contagious with positivity so if you are a glass half empty type – get ready for her energy!




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