Name the new blue

Since scientists discover a new blue (see article HERE) Crayola has jumped on the bandwagon and are inviting the public to name the new blue because the scientists chose YinMn (pronounced “yin-min”) and well it’s not so catchy!


Unleash the power of your creativity! Submit your Name Ideas for the new blue crayon and be entered for a chance to win a $100 Crayola Prize!  Enter HERE


At Laboratory5 Inc. We bring together all elements of STEAM and tie them up into a package to promote the work each individual is doing in their fields to celebrate this work. We produce experiences so that those unfamiliar with the glorious, quirky, nerdy qualities of all areas of STEAM can be explored as an adventure to explain these fields.

Laboratory5 Inc. is a small business based in Tempe, Arizona

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Game of Clones

I had the privilege of working with Athena Aktipis to design a science communication tool as a way to explain to the public how cancer cheats. It’s called Game of Clones and while cancer is not fun nor funny I believe sharing information on why it is so hard to cure cancer inspires others to join this fight. Or as Athena explains it in her research on cancer shows us it is no longer about fighting cancer – it’s about learning to collaborate with cancer so we can use cancer clones as cooperative team players. If cancer cheats by changing the way business is done, by acting differently in every body it takes up residence in then we have to look at what can we learn from that? Here is a video on how the public game worked, followed by pictures at the public event.

Game of Clones Explanation from Biodesign Institute at ASU on Vimeo.

CloneWars Pic

Bio Cancer Tent



If a ten year old had fun at this event and learned about how cancer cheats, they are better equipped. So that at a family event when Great Aunt Marge raises her fists and yells out “why can’t they cure cancer already?” The ten year old can explain it’s because cancer cheat. This is how we win our future . . . .

The Sound of Color


Kelly-Moore Paints created a color palette that interprets the emotions conveyed in music.  The results are stunning and we can’t stop salivating over all of the gorgeous colors representing different songs in the infographic shown above.

Laboratory5 Inc. is a small business based in Tempe, Arizona

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My House On Apt Therapy

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 3.00.10 PMFearless Family Home House Tour

Name: Cyndi Coon
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Size: 1,800 square feet
Years lived in: 13 years; owned

Cyndi’s home, a ranch-style house built in 1958, is a stunning ode to all things found, reclaimed, and vintage. It’s a home you can stare at for hours: peering into glass-fronted cases, admiring collections of ceramics, and wondering at the story behind each object. It’s about as far away from childproofed as you can get. Nevertheless, it’s home to two girls both under the age of eight.


Pantone Color Of The Year


Pantone’s Color Of The Year is emerald and I say there is nothing wrong with that. Both a hot gem and a sexy color. I am ready to get my shop on and load up. I have had emerald or kelly green as my company color since 2001, as evidenced by the banner and background here on the blog and at the parent site Laboratory5. Everything comes back around!

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.11.25 PM

Like this awesome hair comb that I could wear to an event found on Etsy

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.19.15 PM

Or this fabulous polk-a-dot fabric that I could make something crafty out of found on Emerald City Fabrics:

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.22.05 PM

Or these emerald green chucks that I could rock with a pair of jeans or a mini skirt found on Converse.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.26.24 PM

I kind of have my eye on this emerald green flask too – found on Etsy.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.28.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.09.23 PM