Tumor Paint

Friday, August 18, 2017, from 6 to 8 pm in the TCA gallery

What does glow in the dark scorpion venom and biomimicry have in common? Come find out. I am teaching a workshop tonight.

The Israeli Deathstalker Scorpion’s sting is excruciating, its venom can kill. Yet it’s venom is also being called tumor paint.  The Israeli Deathstalker Scorpion’s venom is also the newest cancer treatment. Tumor paint, derived from synthetically-reproduced scorpion venom, is revolutionizing how surgeons operate on cancer cells. How is this possible? Because it’s venom glows in the dark and when injected into a cancer patient to glows, but it only attaches to the cancer cells. So, surgeons are able to ensure they remove all of the cancerous cells.

If we use glow in the dark paint to trace our pathways will the directions become easier to navigate? Join me for a glow-in-the-dark, map making workshop.

Follow the Glow, learning from the Israeli Deathstalker Scorpion

This hands-on maker project uses Biomimicry to bring together the arts and sciences. Learn that the Israeli Deathstalker Scoprion’s sting can be deadly, but its venom is leading to a medical break-through and is being used as “glowing tumor paint.” Join the TCA in a glow-in-the-dark map-making workshop.

The workshop is FREE and there is a cash bar!

Tempe Center for the Arts
700 W. Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281
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Friday, August 18, 2017, from 6 to 8 pm in the TCA gallery


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Lights At The Zoo


zoolights-02Its that time of year again! ZooLights is back at the Phoenix Zoo and if you haven’t been yet make time to check it out. This is an event like no other with thousands of glittering lights spread across the Phoenix Zoo. The event runs through  January 11th, 2015, daily from 5:30 – 10:30 p.m, and features two music shows. Children two and under are free so bring the kids too. Here’s a few pictures of some amazing creations from last years event. zoolights-03





Laboratory5 Inc is a local business based out of Tempe, Arizona

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Hello Kitty Pop Up Shop

November is Hello Kitty’s Birthday! Happy B-day girlfriend! We share the same year of birth, I being eight months old – so she’s like a little sister. This is the only crazy cat lady component of my life since I am not let’s say a cat lover. If they are real keep them away from my, no really, KEEP AWAY cats and especially kittens – ugh the hair on the back of my neck just stood up. Okay anyway so last week San Rio rolled through town with their pop up shop on Mill Ave. and it was not an option for me – I was there. I didn’t win the grand prize while spinning the wheel but I did win a mini coloring book, a book mark and some candy – I’ll take it! Super fun.

Desert Visitor

The Summer heat in Arizona often brings critters inside to cool off. The short one was excited to find an almost transparent gecko inside the house. We asked her to set it free by putting it outside and she decided to do it by letting the little gecko crawl all over her body on the way out the door.

Seeing the Sea Life

I had the opportunity to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium at the Arizona Mills Mall recently. Prior to going I was confused and curious why an aquarium in the middle of the desert? After going on a ferociously hot day I totally got it – no more judgement. It felt cool the whole time I was inside this really well designed space. The design makes you feel as though you are underwater and sometimes you actually are in when your under the water tunnels. There are moments that the ceiling is covered in what looks like old boards so you feel like you are under a ship. All of the graphics on the walls were great. The short one loved it all but was most excited by all of the interactive elements. She got to pet a star fish, search for fossils and dance on a moving floor that looked like rippling water. The ending playground was a huge hit too. It is really spendy for a family but to go as part of a party as we did is a better way to do it. So get your friends together and go as a group.

Willow Homes: Art and Crafts

The down-town Phoenix historic district called Willow had a home tour this weekend and as part of that the streets were closed off to raise tents for artists and crafters to sell their wares. I was happy to see all the goods for sale by local folks. I popped down with some girlfriends for the walk-about. We took a pack of dogs owned by our friend Jeff from Blabbermouth AZ – he lives in the hood! I discovered a bunch of goodies on the tour and loved chatting with all my peeps. Who’s in the photos: The charming handcrafted confections of Little Addictions, The floral accessories of  Zebra Finch, The smart and crafty calendars by the Artsy Fartsy Fairy, The sweet little pins and art by Jolie Jour and The goodies from Modern Cat.

fabulous figurine by little addictions

Little Addictions stand filled with amazing little figures

little addictions cute glitter sign

hearts and love - little addiction character

Fun pin by Zebra Finch

Cute Sock Monkeys

Fun Sock Monsters

smart idea for a crafty calendar by the artsy fartsy fairy

yummy little pins by Jolie Jour

The booth of Modern Cat