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As an Arizona business owner, I can not even fathom not working with anyone based on their gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, religion or otherwise. I recognize that other business owners may feel differently. How unfortunate for them as any discrimination means missing out on experiencing the richness that is all of humankind. Together we can all work every day to create a landscape where no one ever has to experience such hate.

This is an issue not of who to serve or not serve, this is about dignity. As the Supreme Court decides if the homophobic cake maker in Colorado has a right to discriminate we should all take a look at our own practices and behaviors. We can all do better, speak up more and support those with fewer rights then we have ourselves.

For more on the case click HERE.

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Guerrilla Success

The Guerrilla Success Book is out!

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I was fortunate to be asked to write a chapter for a book by my hero by Jay Conrad Levinson who was the founder of Guerrilla Marketing. I have long been a fan of his work and when he passed away in 2013 I thought that would be the end of his voice but luckily he left essays behind and his wife Jeannie Levinson took up the cause. 

Jay Conrad and Jeannie Levinson, were the creators of the term Guerrilla Entrepreneur. They described them as men and women who think outside-the-box. In their words: He’s embraced new ways of thinking, new ways of working, new ways of living. He well knows that he’s left behind an age characterized by a worship of profits, a surfeit of working hours, and a neglect of family and self.

I am thrilled that the book is out and my essay is included. Here is the link to grab a copy for yourself:

Guerrilla Success


Setting Goals #startupgrind

This month the Laboratory5 group coaching call focused on goals. I am sitting at my desk today streaming Global Conference Live Stream Start Up Grind. The conversation between Marc Andreessen and Clayton Christensen was fascinating and it reminds be that the link to accomplishing goals is commitment and intention. Clayton Christensen ended with a story about being true to your word and stick to doing what you said you would do because:

“It’s easier to hold to our principles 100% of the time than 98% of the time”

  • Clayton Christensen

So if we have big goals but we aren’t 100% committed then what is our percentage of accomplishing them? I also wanted to share a link that was tweeted over It is 10 goals every entrepreneur should set themselves for 2016


A Lesson in No!

Entrepreneur Business Tip –

All day long I will tell anyone who is listening that Seth Godin is a hero of mine and a total genius. Why? Because he is passionate, real and is a truth teller. I love his style of ‘tell it like it is’ and he’s not too big to share the love. Every time I reach out to him he replies immediately. His blog post today (reposted below) is about saying yes. I totally agree with him and it reminded me that I should share how important it is to say NO! and why.

I am great at the no. I say this as a recovering work-a-holic. I used to say yes to everything, constantly distracted by the next opportunity, possibility and shiny squirrel. I have recovered from that and now am very comfortable saying no. Here is the thing I learned. By saying no I honor myself, my time and the person on the other side of the ask because I don’t over book and let them down. On the flip side when I do say yes the person asking feels extra good because they know it is meaningful and it matters. To get my yes is a privilege and those who receive it don’t take it lightly or for granted. That is a respectful win win to all.

Seth’s Post:

Instant yes 

The other day, a friend asked me for a favor. I gave him an instant yes.

The instant yes is precious. It’s earned, it doesn’t last forever, it’s easily abused.

Not the yes of, “I’ll look it over and if it makes sense or fits in my calendar or is profitable then of course, I’ll do it,” but the yes of, “yes.”

Do you want to try our daily special, it’s really good? Do you want to see my new project proposal? Will you come to this event I’m holding? Will you contribute to this discussion? Can I borrow $500?

How many people will give you an instant yes if you ask them? How many times has your organization (or you) earned the privilege of the benefit of the doubt?

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Periscope – Broadcast yourself

Lab5 started ‘scoping’ on Periscope. It is a fun free broadcasting channel. You’ll see scopes pop up at night sharing creativity, play and experience tips. We call the broadcast Night Visions because it’s all about offer tips and share thoughts and ideas after dark after the family is in bed! Teleport through the Lab5 eyes to see what creative thinking looks like at night – after hours.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.46.07 AM
About Periscope:
The videos disappear after 24 hours but we will save to good ones and upload them to the Lab5 Youtube channel. People can chat live with you (like Twitter only 140 characters at a time!) If your viewers like what you are saying they give you hearts by touching the screen. Come visit me, follow my feed and heart me up!
I am: Lab5CyndiCoon
Want to live broadcast too?
Step one: Sign up for Periscope by first down loading the app on your smart phone.
Step two: Set up your profile on your phone.
Step three: Hit the Broadcast  button and you’re live!
Step four: Save/Record the video to use on other channels.

How to Save/Record your Periscope video:

After ending a broadcast, tap ‘Save to Camera Roll’ or ‘Save to Gallery’ on the information panel to download the video stream to your phone.  The broadcast will save in your gallery or your video app. Note:Periscope will not save directly to a SD card.

Only your video stream is saved — chats and hearts are not.

Stop my and follow me I am: Lab5CyndiCoon

Conference or retreat?

As experience producers and advisers we are often asked how to take a more traditional conference from dumping information into attendees to a richer interactive opportunity.  So today I have been thinking it is important to share this: Instead of a conference which can make attendees feel overwhelmed with information; what if you changed the focus to treating the event like a retreat where attendees feel filled with imagination and excitement.

How does this happen?

First you need to start with what does the day after the event look like? Feel like? Do you and your team walk away feeling a feeling of  wow that was amazing we have tingles? Do your attendees walk out the door saying things like “I have attended these conferences before but never have I experienced such a feeling.” or “I am excited to take this information back and grow it into something magical.” This means really taking the time to be thoughtful about your speakers, who are they? There are four types of speakers and if you want to ramp up your next conference it might be time to change up who you are bringing in.

Informational speakers: They share only the information requested to be presented. They are content focused.

Motivational or Persuasive Speakers: They have the content but are looking to fire people up. These speakers jump around and get people excited. They ask people to stand up and to participate.

Inspirational Speakers: These folks bring the informative content but look to move people on a personal level to inspire from within. These folks are best for a self motivated crowd.

Transformational Speakers: This type of speaker moved an audience by pushing them to do, to make changes. This speaker combines, information, motivation and inspiration to change the thought of the room

Guest Speaking

Cyndi Coon of Laboratory5 guest speaking for a museum audience


Next time – missed opportunities at a conference and how to capture your audience to do all of your promotion!

Cyndi, President of Laboratory5