Disinformation and Democracy Reading List

Disinformation goes way back in our human history. In 1588, the Spanish armada’s hundred-plus ships and 26,000 men set sail for England, to overthrow the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I and restore Catholic rule.  But the actual story that was presented to the public had England winning. History allows us to write different pasts that serve us better. Spinning the story, changing the narrative, gaslighting. All of these are efforts to align the story with those who want to be declared the winners. Barak Obama gave us a list to help us learn about disinformation. There are a lot of hard-working folks contributing to keeping our Democracy safe from the destruction of disinformation. So many families, friend groups, and work environments have been eroded over the last five years by Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation. Here are resources to learn more.

My reports from the Threatcasting Lab provide data for what happens when all of these collide. They create Information Disorder Machines. Threatcasting Report: Information Disorder Machines

The Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder produced the Commission on Information Disorder Final Report. The Commission’s report is the culmination of that in-depth investigation. Offering a viable framework for action, it makes 15 recommendations for how government, private industry, and civil society can help to increase transparency and understanding, build trust, and reduce harm.

Wired offers an article on How to Stop Misinformation Before It Gets Shared

Look for companies that take a stand against misinformation such as Pinterest which has banned all climate change disinfo from their platform.

There are also great resources that help with Covid disinfo conversations.

Help your family and friends learn how to keep their minds open and their opinions based on real data – not data from their 3rd cousins, dogwalkers, hairstylist on Facebook. Get real data to them and resources for how to read and analyze what they are seeing.

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Romance Novel Publishers

This list of Romance Novel Publishers came from a few different blogs but mostly from BookFox post called 40 Romance Publishers Who Want Your Novel. The language in the document comes from BookFox and other websites and blogs so they are not my words, mostly. I cleaned up the lists and updated the links (Updated July 2021). Some sites say “Not currently accepting” but that mostly appears to be because of Covid-19 so I kept them on the list to check back soon.


Romance Novel Publishers

Updated July 2021


Looking forward to seeing some end of the pandemic Party Like it’s the Roaring 20’s plot lines! 

Summer at the library

Since I learned to read I remember spending summers at my local library. Last summer I spent in residency at the Drummond Island, MI Library and was inspired to create new works during a summer at a library.  My girls have been enrolled in summer reading programs since birth.  This summer was to be the first year my oldest daughter is of age to officially volunteer for the summer reading program. But that is not to be. We fully support continued closures of all public spaces during this pandemic and she will have next summer.

This got me thinking however about how all of us library-goers will get through a summer without our local library activities. Our library has a coffee shop and a used shop. We love to putter around and discover new things. I will miss bumping into displays the thoughtful librarians have pulled together because they understand readers and how our likes are complicated. But the continued closure of our local libraries won’t keep us from reading. Monday, June 1st is the kick-off of the Summer Reading program. Check out your local library online to sign up for their summer reading program. You can still borrow e-books from the library and if you can’t live without a real book call up your local book store. We have the amazing Changing Hands bookstore in Phoenix – if you don’t have a local book store order from Indie Bound online.

Happy Summer Reading! I have a pretty high stack of books I plan to get through this summer but I am always open to reading suggestions.