Hunger Games Nails

Tonight THE HUNGER GAMES opens at midnight and all tickets are sold out but I have a pair!! I am taking my nearly 70 year old mother and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hang out and spend time, until the wee hours, together. China Glaze, with Lionsgate has released a collection of nail polish  in conjunction with the release of  THE HUNGER GAMES. I will be styling in the Capitol Colors purchased at Ulta! Whoot Whoot!

Go Grease Lightenin’

Go Grease Lightenin’ Go! What a fun fun fun time it was last night to see Grease the Sing Along. Seriously if you like to laugh you have to go see this. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out I will be the first in line to buy it. What a great re-make. So super smart – such a good time! Also, before the film started the kids from Valley Youth Theater performed a couple of pieces from their production of Grease which will open August 13. There was a costume contest for people who came dressed up. Fun Fun Fun –  Go Go Go See it!