Crafty Whoa!

On a recent thrift outing I happened upon this unbelievable craft book. It completely stopped my in my tracks. Now here’s the thing I am so totally all for being thrifty and reusing things but the thing is this must be done with some level of taste.As you can see, Pop Top Pals originally sold for $4.50.  I picked it up for the low low price of ¢.25. I did a little searching online and found it is for sale on e-bay and such for close to the original price. This vintage wow is what gives “crafts” a bad name. I mean really just spend a minute looking at these things. Ok I am done. Wow.

Another thrift discover

I am totally cool if you want to display your variety of baby daddies as a fashion choice  – I say wear it and wear it proud mama! But with this little number I snapped a pic of recently at a thrift store there is an extra special level of ewe. This t-shirt was a size 12/14 girls. Not a size small womens but a childs size and part two, it had been worn. I leave it at that.

Crazy crafters – bottle cap bowl

I am putting this inspiration post on this blog instead of my LovelyLula site because this kind of crafting is for the crazy people who are patience. That is not a descriptor that will ever be used with my name, the patience part. I saw this bowl at an event and so wished it belonged to me because I love it, it was not for sale though. I will never make it (no patience) so I’ll have to love it through pictures only. It is made from recycled orange crush bottle caps. It is just lovely.

Storm Drain Toy?

Anyone who knows me knows I love to go thrifting. Sometimes I find useful things and sometimes I find things so outrageous I just have to share. This would be one of those times. I found this little stuffed mascot recently and the tag reads “City of Phoenix Storm Drain” hmmmm . . . take a look and let me know if you think this happy little guy looks like a storm drain.

Non-Smoking Children

How about this doozy of a book I found at a thrift store?! I am super excited to see the use of children smoking to encourage them not to smoke. This little gem of a publication is put out by a dentist office. Great way to encourage kids to keep their teeth clean and white. It’s true, there are so many things you can do better when you don’t smoke kids!