Goody package at the front door

Just returned from a va-ca trip to CA.  Ahhh . . . I was actually chilly – but more on that later. When we returned to the AZ casa last night I had a goody awaiting me on my door step. My new YUDU!   Thank you ProvoCraft for sending it to me to play with. I unpacked it and am so excited. The first thing I noticed was how totally light weight it is for such a huge machine – even a pregnant girl can lift it! I moved it into the studio and will get to playing with it this weekend. Once the laundry is done and the cooler is cleaned out.

Here is a shot of it in the studio – did I mention how excited I am?

Note – I am going to have a AZ creative get together in July if you want to join in the YUDU  fun – let me know.

Thank you Mike at ProvCraft



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