My innards

On Friday night I woke in the middle of the night with sever pain on my right side under my ribs and could not move my body at all. Then my hands and feet started to swell. We headed to the hospital and they were certain it was my Gallbladder. After two different ultra sound techs looked me over and each said the Gallbladder looked good a surgeon was called in to evaluate. I was rushed into surgery and I had to have my appendix out and a piece of my bowel removed. The Dr.s said they had never seen a chuck of someones bowel dangling and all twisted and a body fighting it off like such an alien! The appendix was also twisted and attached in an odd area.

I am now home from the hospital. Apparently, I am one for the record books – real freak of nature. I think the surgeon was actually excited to have something weird to tell his medical buddies about. Thankfully the Baby is fine. I think she must know right where the three insitions are because that is right where she is choosing to kick me!  I am sore but better. I have had several days of contractions so I am now on bed rest and anti- contraction drugs. I guess all that summer reading I kept talking about is know fully on! I just don’t feel like reading now! Ugh.

The following images are of my dangling bowel parts that where trying to escape the rest of the colon.


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