What is that on your jacket?

It’s ink people! Demoing the YUDU and Your Story for Provo Craft the last couple of days has been super fun. While all the other peeps in the booth are wearing nice clean white bakers jackets –  mine is covered in red screen printing ink. What can I say I am trained as a painter and don’t generally concern myself with such things. After talking my throat raw (thanks for those who brought me water and cough drops!) I am reminded how great it would be to have screen printers in all of the schools just like the die cutters that are in every school. What great fundraiser opportunities! Another mission for me to focus on. Here are some booth shots from the last couple of days.

chatty me

Provo booth showing off the new Cricut Cake Machine

Provo booth - YUDU and Your Story section

Me and Erik at the Provo Booth

Having an envy moment with the new pink cuttlebug which is not yet on the market

Showing my tip for quick drying the YUDU screen - a hairdryer

Little cakes we were printing and decorating

Cute little cupcake box I made using the new Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge

cute cupcake I made and put in the box

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