Love Them / Hate Them

I hate that I love Anthropology so much. How many times have I heard “I want to live there” yea me too I want to live inside an Anthro too but I hate them for finding all the good stuff and for marking it up quadruple the price. I love all of the old feely vibe but I hate them for making me love them so much. Look at these seriously cool things. Anthro – I hate you. All the delicious wire stuff reminds me of a Ben Shahn drawing – I love his work.

Aviary Castle out of wire

A fabulously rusted ferris wheel

A rusty wire castle - I'd love to get that - oh but it's $1,500. Again - hate you!

A giant paper ostridge

Groovy wire frame

Ben Shahn. Supermarket. Serigraph, 1957.

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