SXSW – Austin Fun

I sure had a lot of fun at SXSW (South by South West) in Austin. Arriving on Saint Paddy’s day meant beer and party people everywhere. What a great town, great music, yummy beer and good people. Looking froward to returning again.

Ahhhh . . . Austin home of live music, crafty people and the wierd proud

Austin = Beer Time

bloggers welcome at a special cafe at SXSW

Band Poster

Band Poster

Band Poster

Cupcake Van - mmmm . . .

SPOON playing at SXSW - so gooooood!

Fabulous Wall in Austin

Charging Station in Austin - pull up and charge anything. Cell phones, laptops, camera's anything! So fabulously smart!

Out of commission phone booth - sign of the times

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