The Secret For Sale – Thrift Style

So I am wandering through a local thrift store the other day and see a giant wall of black boxes curious,  I move in to investigate. I discovered these boxes were for Life Success Science of Getting Rich “Image Treasure Chest”.  I chuckled a little at first and thought hmmm . . . . . someone didn’t ask the Universe hard enough for success because they put their life savings into making these boxes, no one bought them and now they are all stacked up in a Scottsdale thrift store.  Then I thought – is it a savvy marketing plan? People will buy these boxes for $3.99 and then go home and look up the company online.  I didn’t buy a box but I did look up the company and I found a blog website with a “SHOP” section featuring:

LifeSuccess Products are COMING SOON! We hope that you will enjoy our selection of thoughtful gifts and items to help you remember the simple but universal message of We are all in this world together. Make the best of every day! Please consider becoming a supporter of the LifeSuccess cause. Your generosity will allow us to expand our products and services to better serve everyone. Followed by a PayPal button.

Uhm . . . Maybe not such a good company to invest in.

On another note I sort of feel like I am going to get in trouble somehow just for mocking this company. I’ve waited a few days to post this for fear of the “Universe” sticking it to me. It is kind of sad funny though!

Wall of a couple hundred "secret" boxes

What to do with the box

Inside the box where you are to store your secrets

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