Summer Begins – Time for my Resolutions

Time for my Summer Resolutions. I can’t ever do them in January because that is the busy season. Today my summer begins. I am officially done with all teaching responsibilities. I now get to hang with the girls, make stuff and read. Oh and begin my many organizational projects (Resolution 1). One of these includes creating a baking studio in my pantry – it is going to be so so cute and this will be my first undertaking so I will post about it in the next week. I will also take on files, drawers, binders – oh happy joy making – I am so excited! I hope to also be able to cook a great deal more over the next few months (Resolution 2). Cooking has fallen short of anything fabulous over the last few months as I have been working so much. Therefore Resolution 2 started with a recipe search and a massive grocery shopping trip to stock up. Tonight I decided to kick off this Resolution2 with a great dinner of Cabbage/Apple/Yogurt Slaw, Almond Cous Cous and Cranberry Pork. I remembered to take pics of the two sides as I made them earlier (they were served cold) but I forgot to shoot a pic of the pork.  It is in the bellies now – darn!

My Slaw - mmm so yum!

Cous Cous - equally as yum!

Some of my other Resolutions include reading a lot, fun outings with the girls and plenty of time to make stuff and be creative in my studio. I love Summer in Arizona because everyone leaves, everything slows way down and no one really needs me! It is like winter in the Midwest sort of,  but better because there are no holidays to contend with. Ahhhh . . . I am so happy.

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