Happy Mothers Day – vintage love

I got such a great gift this year for Mothers Day – it has literally caused me to loose sleep two nights in a row. It is a vintage, beautiful industrial typewriter. Vintage 1950s Royal Portable Manual Typewriter. As an object alone it is magnificent to look at but I plan on using it for journaling and art making in general. It is so pretty I had to pull a Raising Arizona Holly Hunter “I love it so much Hy” moment!! I feel like it was stolen from the set of Mad Men. I also feel like dancing a little “it’s mine all mine” jig! Ahhh . . . I just love it. I started to redo my office area because I was so inspired and wanted to rearrange everything to give my little Royal a focus.

My new nugget of happiness

Pared down desk area - laptop sits in front. Vintage tray holds my goods

Office supply cabinet re-organized and labeled. Oh joy!

Another look - ahhh . . . just take it in.

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