How AZ deals with the heat

Every year I forget what 110 degrees feels like. I think the subconscious mind makes a clear decision at the end of the hot season to block out what a painful experience the body just went through. I guess like childbearing,  we forget quickly so that we are willing to do it again. We all tell each other that we are not allowed to complain, we live here and we know what it is about. I have to say however, that first 110 degree day always hurts and no amount for spiting misters can make it better. Walking outside instantly drains the body and we all start to nap more, get up earlier and drink more then our normal gallon of water a day required to live in the desert. For anyone reading this who does not live in AZ I will say yes it is a dry heat and yes all we prefer it over the eastern humidity but there is just no way for me to describe the feeling of a blast furnace heat smacking you in the face. That said, I love living here and would never trade it for a mid-western winter of my youth. To kick off summer in AZ and celebrate our first 110 degree day I share these pictures of foam taped to door handles so patrons do not literally burn their fingers. It’s that hot!

One thought on “How AZ deals with the heat

  1. Ha! That’s hilarious. I can’t say I recall seeing that when I lived there, but it’s very smart!

    Call me crazy, but every once in a while I find myself longing for that crazy contrast of temperatures that you experience over and over in the summer there… Either the feeling of being on fire outside and then the relief of entering perfectly chilled a/c, or the feeling of being freezing from being in that chilly a/c for too long, and the blast of real air, hot as hell, when you walk outside.

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