Mint Green Tea Lemonade

mmmm . . . I am in love with Mint Green Tea Lemonade. Yum! I have been making green tea iced for weeks now but I have up’d the ante with this little number. It is so refreshing and delicious. Oh happy making! Smiles all around and cheers to you tasting it too! I have been using the absolutely delectable Harney and Sons‘ Organic Citron Green Tea and their Organic Peppermint. I have also stumbled upon a new one from Stash brand too though. It is called Mangosteen Green Tea. Mangosteen is an exotic fruit that I am hoping does not have the same dirty little fate as the Acia berry! I will gulp quickly before I am told I am killing off tribes by drinking it!

Here is the Mint Green Tea Lemonade Recipe I have been using:

Have a four quart pitcher ready

Brew Tea in coffee pot

2 Green Tea bags

1 Mint tea bag

2 quarts of water


4 Lemons
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 quarts of water
Honey To Taste

Roll whole lemons on the kitchen counter top to break up the pulp and produce more juice

Cut lemons in half and squeezed out the juice in a juicer

Strain the lemon juice through a strainer to remove seeds

Pour lemon juice into the 4 quart pitcher

Add sugar and water, then stir until sugar is completely dissolved

Add honey to taste

Pour two quarts of tea into the 4 quart pitcher on top of the lemonade  –  Mix

Serve over ice

Mint Green Tea Lemonade

Tea Pouches


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