Happy Trash Hunt

How you ask can I be so happy about my new (to me) kitchen trash can? Oh I am happy. We have needed a new can for a while the cute one from IKEA we’ve been using for the last couple of years has finally started to eat itself and is left with permanent bad breath. Even without a bag in it, fully washed it still stinks. So we had to send it out to the garden and the hunt was on for a new one. We took this on as a Labor Day thrift shopping adventure since I had been to every store and all of the new ones were either plastic or ugly. The short one made up a song about the trash can hunt on the day of Labor she called it. She was really excited to go on the hunt and we thought she was really on board until about two hours into it she said what is a trash hunt? Is it where you kill a bear who eats trash and then you cook it and eat it? Mmmmm . . . bear she said but only the mama bear, we don’t kill the babies. She was so excited about the idea of eating meat she lost track of her original question.

So finally we saw it glowing from across the room at the ARC in Tempe. It appears to have been a filing cabinet for a Sunday school. Whatever it was, Labor day was 50% off day and at ten bucks, a nice shade of brown and square, with a functioning lid,  I (read the Tall one) grabbed it down from its perch and ran to the check out.It has a perfect home in our pantry. I think we are both happy, me and my new trash can.

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