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On a recent visit to Target for some gear and supplies for our upcoming camping road trip I found the perfect towels. They are an ugly green and kind of stupid – perfect for toss-a-ways after the trip. There was an entire pile of them and they were all on clearance at $2. For good reason too. All down the beach towel it reads “I hope that this towel gets posted on your blog” – Why? And who wants such a towel? It would have worked so much better to be naughty and say ” I hope what I am doing right now gets posted on your blog” Well, the real story for me is after washing the load of camping towels, as I get ready for the trip, the gigantic wad of green lint left behind in my dryer. They went from fluffy towels to thin rags in one wash – fine for a camping trip but really Target? Your not Walmart – you can do better.

I guess these did end up on a blog after all – They will be trashed after the road trip and that is fine by me.

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