Living Below The Line

Last week I committed to live below the line for 5 days. Which really meant eating and drinking on $1.50 a day which is totally possible. What is difficult is the awareness of all the other things in our lives that cost so much. Our homes, our utilities, our cars. I have to drive my daughter to school and pick her up, I am questioning how much gas that cost, even in my Prius, how much is it a day?

I had to meet a client for coffee, which is a pretty common occurrence,  I  drank water but was aware there are very few items at a coffee shop for $1.50. I was ok with drinking water as I was happy to use it as a platform to talk about living below the line.

The hardest part of the week for me was my daughter got sick. She came down with Scarlet Fever which is rare and strange and after several doctors appointments and several prescriptions she was on her way to recover but I could not shake the thought that even the co-pays I incurred would be more then most people in 3rd world countries  could pay. My daughter recovered within the seven day period with out any damage to her but my heart ached thinking about others who would not have been able to get their children the proper medicine for this childhood illness.

Overall this was a rewarding, learning experience and I would do it again.

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