Digital Farm Collective Fundraiser

As a board member of Digital Farm Collective I was very proud of our fundraiser last Sunday night. Set in the lovely home of  Aric Mei, owner of Parlor. The amazing dinner was created by Chef Aaron Chamberlain, the wine was provided by Dos Cabezas, the beer and coffee from Cartel, and tequila offered by 3 Amigos.

I had the pleasure of being asked to do all of the decoration and table-scapes. It turned out so lovely I had to share some photos.

DFC Fundraiser 1

DFC Fundraiser 2

DFC Fundraiser 4

DFC Fundraiser 5

DFC Fundraiser 6

DFC Fundraiser 7

DFC Fundraiser 8

DFC Fundraiser 9

DFC Fundraiser 10

DFC Fundraiser 11

DFC Fundraiser 12

DFC Fundraiser 13

If you are interested in learning more about Digital Farm Collective or to Donate to this amazing project Click HERE.

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