The closed fist opens

My friend Darcy Badiali posted this to his Facebook wall – I just love him!!


“The process of awakening to the fundamental truth of our being has never been about knowing, but actually quite the reverse… As Sri Nisargadatta notes: “To know that you do not know, that is true knowledge.”

Furthermore, in our search to… acquire knowledge, we may have amassed a vast library of information, but has our collection brought us any closer to real liberation from the fundamental afflictions that continue to insert themselves in the way we actually live and relate?

Fortunately, life will continue to reflect us back to ourselves again and again until an inescapable arrow of truth pierces something deep within us. When the arrow reaches its mark at the heart, the chronic conflict that’s been festering there is shattered to pieces. The artificial contraction we’ve imposed on Love is released.

It becomes obsolete when the dialectics of ephemeral self-images, vanity’s endless feed-back loop, runs out of steam, along with all the effort to keep it operational. The unknown is no longer feared and avoided by resort to futile strategies of knowing, but welcomed as our true sanctuary and default position.

The closed fist opens.

Quaker Path Quote

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