Art and Vaccines: ‘The Art of Saving a Life’

In case you art folks haven’t heard the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have been working on this amazing project  that brings together art and science. The project, called ‘The Art Of Saving a Life’, uses these great pieces of art to promote vaccination worldwide.


MAURO PERUCCHETI sculpture of vaccine

Through powerful storytelling these pieces bring to life the reality of todays vaccines. They’ve commissioned the work of 36 artists who have created a variety of beautiful videos, sculptures and pictures that speak out on the history of vaccination the importance it holds today.


VIK MUNIZ diseased liver cells

The sculpture at the top of the page called Vaccines As Love Serum, was created by famous artist Mauro Perucchetti with the message of keeping children healthy. On the website there are some great videos where the artists talk about their art and the messages they are sharing.


ALEXIA SINCLAIR person getting small pox vaccine

You can check out more fabulous art by clicking here: The Art Of Saving a Life

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