Changing women’s lives one nail wrap at a time – Tracie Rollins

Founder of Nail Art Inc. Tracie Rollins

Founder of Nail Art Inc. Tracie Rollins

Seasoned entrepreneur Tracie Rollins has played a roll in influencing the lives and professions of women all over the world.  A local business women in Phoenix, Tracie has been involved with organizations such as National Association of Women’s Business Owners and sponsors girls in need from the Philippines, Rwanda and Kenya.  She also takes the time to mentor others in business.  As a mentor, Tracie uses a tough love approach.  She asks all of the hard questions when it comes to business and career, but she is also very encouraging.


Now Tracie has taken her passion and applied it to a brand new company that she is launching.  Nail Art Club Inc. offers monthly subscriptions to nail wraps while donating 20% of the profits to charities and organizations that work to make the world a better place for women. These organizations help teens and women get a better start, transition out of an abusive situation, become self-sufficient, start their own businesses or launch a new career.  It is important to Tracie that women embrace their differences.  According to Tracie, being different cultivates leadership.  “Leadership isn’t a job title. It’s within each and every person who takes the time to help others make a better life for themselves. The best leaders embrace who they are, take care of themselves and use their differences to make the world a better place.” she writes on her website.  I encourage you to read her inspiring story here.

Nail Art Club Board of Directors

Nail Art Club Board of Directors

Nail Art Club Inc. is only one of five benefit corporations registered in the state of Arizona.  You can help support this new local business.  There are 28 days left on the Kickstarter campaign and there is plenty to gain by donating.  You can also check out Nail Art Club’s fresh new website.


Written by Amy DeCaussin

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