Creative Clarity Lab at MOD PHX

Join us on Monday Nov. 16 from 5:30 – 7:30 at MOD PHX

Creative Clarity Labs: Discover personal creativity is a professional asset


What to expect:

You will experience the transformational power of finding Creative Clarity through this hands-on, engaging workshop called a Lab. In Creative Labs we don’t talk at you—our fellow creators—we have a conversation with you around creativity. We share how tools of creativity are an opportunity to stop over-thinking and engage in play for a purpose. We ignore the idea of a final outcomes to create an environment where you have fun, and thus revive your inner creative ability.

We use art supplies, office supplies and introduce new tools, materials and concepts that lead to breakthroughs in ideation, problem solving and brain storming ability. A few hours of play helps build skills in personal creativity and relieves stress. And this month you can join us at MOD where you can drink a beer or a glass of wine while being creative!


2828 N. Central Ave. Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85004
1+(602)  687 9417

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