Hospital uses art lessons to improve medical practice


An innovative program at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital uses art to help physicians focus on the art of healing. (Click here to view the CBS video, Dr. Tara Narula reports.)  Members of the integrated teaching unit (ITU) attend sessions at Boston Museum of Fine arts where they are learning to soften the hard science of medicine by strengthening interpersonal skills.  The program is bringing humanities back into the healthcare curriculum, a core value that has been missing for the last 50 years.

The experience at the museum has a unique advantage above other types of activities such as attending a ball game, or having a staff party. Art takes everyone out of their comfort zone.  Participants are asked to observe and talk about the artwork.  Discussions promote collaboration and team building.  As a result, they become better at communicating, problem solving, thinking outside of the box and appreciating different perspectives.  These are all great skills that enhance the ability to diagnose as well as treat a patient.  According to this CBS video segment, the program is showing great improvements in the care given at the hospital.

Posted by Amy DeCaussin.

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