Make at MADE

The workshop at MADE was a fun one yesterday – thanks to all who came out to play. We made many, many V-day cards and love letters. We looked at poems, quotes and craft materials for our inspiration. There will be more opportunities in 2010 to pop in for a workshop at MADE. Hop over to their site and join the mailing list so that you are informed or subscribe to my list and I’ll let you know. Get inspired here though and get to making your own love notes! Here’s some pics from the day.

YUDU screen printed roller skate on notebook paper, rubber stamped cupcake, buttons and card stock - by me

workshop in action

Card - by me, made with a cut doily, card stock and rubber stamps

A participant working away

Card - by me, made with card stock, ribbon, drawing pen, rubber stamps and glitter

Card - by me, made with card stock, doily, button and rubber stamp

Card - by me, made with card stock, rubber stamps, drawing pens, ribbon and embossed hearts were made with a cuttlebug embossing folder

Card - by me, made with card stock, foam stickers, rubber stamps and foam designs cut from the cuttlebug quilling kit

workshop participant

A workshop participants design

A workshop participants design

A workshop participants design

A workshop participants design

A workshop participant

A workshop participants design

A workshop participants design

A workshop participants design

A workshop participant

Card by me using card stock, rubber stamp, felt, buttons, poof ball and notion trim

A card design by me using card stock, felt, foam stickers, buttons, embossed stock using the cuttlebug heart embossing folder and heart wings embossed and cut from Sizzix Hello Kitty Series

A workshop participants design

What is that on your jacket?

It’s ink people! Demoing the YUDU and Your Story for Provo Craft the last couple of days has been super fun. While all the other peeps in the booth are wearing nice clean white bakers jackets –  mine is covered in red screen printing ink. What can I say I am trained as a painter and don’t generally concern myself with such things. After talking my throat raw (thanks for those who brought me water and cough drops!) I am reminded how great it would be to have screen printers in all of the schools just like the die cutters that are in every school. What great fundraiser opportunities! Another mission for me to focus on. Here are some booth shots from the last couple of days.

chatty me

Provo booth showing off the new Cricut Cake Machine

Provo booth - YUDU and Your Story section

Me and Erik at the Provo Booth

Having an envy moment with the new pink cuttlebug which is not yet on the market

Showing my tip for quick drying the YUDU screen - a hairdryer

Little cakes we were printing and decorating

Cute little cupcake box I made using the new Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge

cute cupcake I made and put in the box

and from the leftovers rose . . .

More Sugar! After Monday’s project of creating frosted furniture there was a great deal of  batter, blanks and frosting left over. There were so many bowls of frosting and the cupcakes that were calling for a sweet topping. So I thought it the right thing to  give full life to those miniature cupcakes. I used the leftover, already colored frosting, pulled out my favorite wide flower tip and set about decorating the little yummies. Color by color I filled the bag over and over and made a little sugar flower garden. These pictures are of them put into Tupperware (glass Pyrex really) to take into my last day of class with my after school JR High kids. I was so exited to show them the artistic possibilities and talk to them about color mixing. Unfortunately, it being the last day of class, they ripped the lids off and devoured the little sugar yums without noticing the colors or the flavor and with too few thank yous over their shoulders, they ran off to meet their buses for the ride home. I will take it as a compliment that the cupcakes were so tasty the kids were speechless.

I heart cupcakes

A counter top filled with cupcake blanks

Vanilla cake and vanilla frosting with pink sprinkles

The orange and green topped cakes

The light orange and dark green topped cakes

Pinks, oranges and a few greens . . . mmmmmm

More Pinks and Oranges

The Short ones contribution to the project (she ate this one)

It started as Mid-Century Mod . . .

So the day started out with baking of cupcake and cookie “blanks” to build the sugar fun. We decided it would be a mid-century modern house of a Hollywood producer with a dog named Princess. We were thinking 60’s party scene with cocktails, a turn-table, records and so on. Once the cutting of the shapes and the frosting began the look kind of quickly turned a bit more Flintstones.  We had a lot of fun though! What a great holiday baking day!

Cupcake / cookie living room

The set up

Pretty mid-century colors

Attempt at the cupcake version of a mid-century marshmallow sofa, a white faux fur rug and mushroom side table with red vase

Kitchen of the home with aqua table

Aqua table top with starburst bowl filled with "candy" apples and "mike and ike" cocktail glasses

Close up of princess the family poodle on her dog bed

Boxes of goodies are the new Xmas stockings

Think of the box as the new stocking! I made these this past month – all are round boxes with pillow top “heads”. They are available at MADE downtown Phoenix. They were so much fun to make. I wanted to make many more but had to stop. Once this group is sold I will make more – also I am always open to custom!

Owl Box

Sunny Lion Box

Hot Pink Spaced-Out Critter

Lady Bug Box

Bumble Bee Box

Chocolate with hot pink cupcake

Little pink lady box

Hot Pink Piggy

Lazy Eye Rabbit

If A Halloween Party . . .

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween. Dressing up, passing out candy and cute tricker treaters. Orange is my favorite color and I love all things pumpkin. I collected some images this past month of stuff I would use if I were throwing a Halloween Party. There will be no Halloween at the Lab5 casa this year. Sad, I know but this mama is just too busy to take it on. So instead I can think about it through pictures.  Hmmm there is a lot of alcohol – maybe I need a one person party to get some drink on. Here goes . . .

Party Invitation paperOwl screen printed on canvas bags - ideally filled with take-a-way party favorsTemporary tats for the party attendeesFabu cupcake papers for the delicious pumpkin flavored cupcakes I'd makeAnd the cupcake stand!Cute boxes would be filled with candy cornsmmmm pumpkin ale "Twisted" red wine"Evil" red wineBlack cat winewitches brew"Trick" wineHalloween Sangria by Ed Hardy

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

So for the Memorial Day BBQ I was invited to by my friend Cheri ‘s and I thought it appropriate to bring Mint Chocolate Cupcakes since Cheri is from the south and all. She asked for someone to bring corn bread to compliment the pig they had been roasting for three days and I love to cook but as a mid-westerner you don’t volunteer a southern dish at a southerners party! So I thought minty and bake goods. So here are some shots of the fun Mint Chocolate Memorial Day Cupcakes. Oh and sorry again to my friend Cheri for leaving the left-overs behind. Poor girl had to smear coffee grounds and baby poo on top of the trash she had placed the cupcakes in so as not to have a George Costanza moment of weakness fishing in the trash.

Chocolate cupcakes with mint flavored icing and a mint leaf

Chocolate cupcakes with mint flavored icing and a mint leaf


side view of the deliciousness

top view of the cupcake goods

top view of the cupcake goods