Fun times with my new Cricut Cake Machine

Okay seriously – those who know me,  know my love for the cupcake. Now I have a new tool to totally tear it up in my new baking studio! It is crazy. It is called the Cricut Cake. Here is the thing – I made my first project (see below) with fondant that I colored but the thing that I discovered is –  I can use it not only for fondant and gum paste but also for fruit roll ups, cookie dough, pie crust, cheese, caramel sheets – what else? Well pretty much anything thin that can be rolled out and will stick together when chilled. Who needs a special goody for an upcoming party?  Mmm hmm . . . I am ready! Oh by the way I am having a party with the Cricut Cake at a friends house in June – wanna come my Phoenix friends? Just let me know!

(disclosure I was given this product for free from Provo Craft)

Cloud with lightening and a skull with cross bones on my cupcakes!

Making the cupcakes in the baking studio

Kneading the color into the fondant

Shapes being cut out of the fondant on the Cricut Cake Machine

Poking out the small pieces of the fondant shapes on the mat - with a toothpick

Cupcake fun!

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