Transforming old dolls creates fresh perspective for girls

Written by Amy DeCaussin
Director of Project & Social Media Management

Often in our society today, we become immune or blinded by the saturation of what is around us.  Sonia Singh took up a hobby she calls “Tree Change Dolls” collecting dolls from second-hand stores and removing their painted faces.  She gives them new life by painting fresh faces and new handmade clothes.  The results are eye-opening.  It becomes extremely obvious how sexualized these dolls are in their original state with the makeup depicted on their faces.  The fresh spin on them is beautiful and the young girls who play with them really enjoy their more innocent portrayal.

Another point to take away from Sonia’s project gone viral is that often when we create, we feel that we need to have a set plan.  We are taught to believe that without a plan, nothing thoughtful will come out of what we create.  Tree Change Dolls is a wonderful example of how creating with spontaneity and intuition is a great avenue and can result in some wonderful surprises.  Art is its own language, free from words.  Sometimes deep down inside we have something to say, but it comes out better through a language-lacking creative process.

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