Creative Courage: A Journey Into Clarity

I am leading a workshop for Arizona State University Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation at their 24th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies.

Thursday, October 20 at the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

clarityWorkshop Title: Creative Courage: A Journey Into Clarity

Workshop Track: Stimulating Creativity
Workshop Session:
Session 1 (9:30 a.m.) – to 12 noon
Sonoran Ballroom

Workshop Description: It takes courage and bravery to stand up in a meeting and share ideas. Some leaders naturally have this but many do not. For anyone filled with ideas but lacking the information needed to express those ideas — this session is for you. This session is designed to expose possibilities for creative courage and use it as a super tool for infusing innovation and redefining what is possible. Organization statements to be addressed during this session

  • Lack of creative courage impacts personal and team performances
  • Without creativity – innovation is stagnant
  • A workplace that is committed to creative innovation encourages all ideas.

This audience interactive experience will lead to break-throughs in ideation, problem solving and brainstorming. Participants will walk away with a tool kit of ideas to be a creatively courageous in work and life. Through interactive activities, participants will explore creative courage concepts as follows:

  • a focus on the creative courage mindset
  • a focus on methods for creative ideation
  • a focus on effective sharing of ideas and courageous ownership
  • a focus on collaborative creativity methods
  • a focus on innovative brainstorming

Participants will leave with a tool kit for creative courage capacity building for their team and organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the critical impact that creative courage brings to an organization
  • Learn innovative brainstorming techniques
  • Learn methods for creative ideation
  • Learn creative courage mindset skills
  • Learn the practice of courageous ownership.

Presenter Bio:

Cyndi Coon is the President and Chief Experience Officer of Laboratory5 Inc. Cyndi’s magical power is to help others find creative courage. Cyndi is a storyteller who sees the world in pictures. She connects with people to co-create big giant ideas as an intuitive thinker. Cyndi loves to explore, hike, camp, listen to music, read and create in her studio or on the go with her traveling creativity kit. She is a speaker, a writer, a teacher, a coach and a leader with contagious positivity and high energy! Cyndi is an expert in using creativity to expose clarity and experiential magic. Cyndi works with audiences to deepen the understanding of innovative creativity and to support the leap to the next level of their ideas. Her naughty, rule-breaking approach keeps everyone on their toes.


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Conference or retreat?

As experience producers and advisers we are often asked how to take a more traditional conference from dumping information into attendees to a richer interactive opportunity.  So today I have been thinking it is important to share this: Instead of a conference which can make attendees feel overwhelmed with information; what if you changed the focus to treating the event like a retreat where attendees feel filled with imagination and excitement.

How does this happen?

First you need to start with what does the day after the event look like? Feel like? Do you and your team walk away feeling a feeling of  wow that was amazing we have tingles? Do your attendees walk out the door saying things like “I have attended these conferences before but never have I experienced such a feeling.” or “I am excited to take this information back and grow it into something magical.” This means really taking the time to be thoughtful about your speakers, who are they? There are four types of speakers and if you want to ramp up your next conference it might be time to change up who you are bringing in.

Informational speakers: They share only the information requested to be presented. They are content focused.

Motivational or Persuasive Speakers: They have the content but are looking to fire people up. These speakers jump around and get people excited. They ask people to stand up and to participate.

Inspirational Speakers: These folks bring the informative content but look to move people on a personal level to inspire from within. These folks are best for a self motivated crowd.

Transformational Speakers: This type of speaker moved an audience by pushing them to do, to make changes. This speaker combines, information, motivation and inspiration to change the thought of the room

Guest Speaking

Cyndi Coon of Laboratory5 guest speaking for a museum audience


Next time – missed opportunities at a conference and how to capture your audience to do all of your promotion!

Cyndi, President of Laboratory5

Thank You – Write It, Say It, Send It

I have been telling my students for years that the best impression they can make post an interview or studio visit is to send a hand written thank you note. This is about so much more then my past in the stationery business. Saying thank you let’s someone know you appreciate them and their time. This is huge in a world where the youth think an email is too formal. Here is an article from the Arizona Republic stating what I say all the time – read on:

Thank-you notes give boost