TED – Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Do schools kill creativity?

In this talk Sir Ken Robinson discusses the idea of a more nurturing environment for creativity in schools. As we abandon the idea of ‘No Child Left Behind’ knowing that failed policy left all children behind – we now look at how to remove the crushing impact of drill and kill testing and replace it with hands on experiential learning connected to creativity. We must promote creative problem solving and critical thinking into the next generations in order to produce that lives we desire or we stagnate and shrivel as a culture.

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Tales of Creativity and Play

I am prepping for a talk I will be giving as part of a panel at the ISSST conference (International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology) in May.  I have been asked to give my perspective on the power of play to a room filled with open-minded Scientists and Engineers from academia and industry. I said yes instantly as this is the tribe that we at Laboratory5 live for!

I was sent this TED video as inspiration:

I am inspired! I am working on presenting my angle of creativity and play as innovation. I am excited so stay tuned for more.