If A Halloween Party . . .

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween. Dressing up, passing out candy and cute tricker treaters. Orange is my favorite color and I love all things pumpkin. I collected some images this past month of stuff I would use if I were throwing a Halloween Party. There will be no Halloween at the Lab5 casa this year. Sad, I know but this mama is just too busy to take it on. So instead I can think about it through pictures.  Hmmm there is a lot of alcohol – maybe I need a one person party to get some drink on. Here goes . . .

Party Invitation paperOwl screen printed on canvas bags - ideally filled with take-a-way party favorsTemporary tats for the party attendeesFabu cupcake papers for the delicious pumpkin flavored cupcakes I'd makeAnd the cupcake stand!Cute boxes would be filled with candy cornsmmmm pumpkin ale "Twisted" red wine"Evil" red wineBlack cat winewitches brew"Trick" wineHalloween Sangria by Ed Hardy

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