I shopped local and I’m feeling good

It was Christmas decorations day yesterday. It was 70 degrees and we were in the holiday spirit so we went on a search for a live tree. Hey – I am from Michigan you can’t take the smell of fresh pine from a girl during the holidays! We ended up visiting with Frank at Tree Time Christmas Trees, his family has been in the Christmas tree biz for 43 years. He sets up annually in the lot next to Harpers Nursery on Hayden south of Thomas. Sure this lovely tree we choose cost more then going to a big box but I feel so much better knowing the money went to a local business owner. Plus the trees at the big boxes looked bad, brown and crappy. Not that I was going to buy there anyway! We had a great time decorating with the short one.

Tree Time Christmas Trees

Tree lot located next to Harpers

So many trees to choose from

Our choice loaded on the roof

The tree - decorated by the short one (age 3)

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