Buy Local By Local – Handmade Goods

Tomorrow Saturday December 5 is Indie Chic @ 10th Street at the ASU Art Museum in Tempe. There will be over 30 participants including me! The fair is at  Southeast corner of 10th Ave. and Mill St. at ASU Art Museum in Tempe from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. I have been having so much fun in the studio making goodies for this event at the museum. Stop by and visit! Here are some pics of just some of the goodies I will have on hand – plus there are still many more. These could not be included in the photos because they are still wet and drying but they’ll be ready in the morning!!

YUDU printed Hot Pink Sully Greeting Card with Vintage Buttons

YUDU printed Monsters on Tees

YUDU printed Bird out of the cage baby bib

YUDU printed Owl Greeting Card

YUDU printed Woodgrain and Cuckoo Clock Greeting Card with vintage button

Many many barrettes with vintage buttons

Many many Lapel Pins with vintage buttons

YUDU printed Robot Baby Onesie

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