It started as Mid-Century Mod . . .

So the day started out with baking of cupcake and cookie “blanks” to build the sugar fun. We decided it would be a mid-century modern house of a Hollywood producer with a dog named Princess. We were thinking 60’s party scene with cocktails, a turn-table, records and so on. Once the cutting of the shapes and the frosting began the look kind of quickly turned a bit more Flintstones.  We had a lot of fun though! What a great holiday baking day!

Cupcake / cookie living room

The set up

Pretty mid-century colors

Attempt at the cupcake version of a mid-century marshmallow sofa, a white faux fur rug and mushroom side table with red vase

Kitchen of the home with aqua table

Aqua table top with starburst bowl filled with "candy" apples and "mike and ike" cocktail glasses

Close up of princess the family poodle on her dog bed

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