and from the leftovers rose . . .

More Sugar! After Monday’s project of creating frosted furniture there was a great deal of  batter, blanks and frosting left over. There were so many bowls of frosting and the cupcakes that were calling for a sweet topping. So I thought it the right thing to  give full life to those miniature cupcakes. I used the leftover, already colored frosting, pulled out my favorite wide flower tip and set about decorating the little yummies. Color by color I filled the bag over and over and made a little sugar flower garden. These pictures are of them put into Tupperware (glass Pyrex really) to take into my last day of class with my after school JR High kids. I was so exited to show them the artistic possibilities and talk to them about color mixing. Unfortunately, it being the last day of class, they ripped the lids off and devoured the little sugar yums without noticing the colors or the flavor and with too few thank yous over their shoulders, they ran off to meet their buses for the ride home. I will take it as a compliment that the cupcakes were so tasty the kids were speechless.

I heart cupcakes

A counter top filled with cupcake blanks

Vanilla cake and vanilla frosting with pink sprinkles

The orange and green topped cakes

The light orange and dark green topped cakes

Pinks, oranges and a few greens . . . mmmmmm

More Pinks and Oranges

The Short ones contribution to the project (she ate this one)

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