Fine, I give in Santa

After the short one told me a week or so ago that I was “ruining it” and that she “gets to have magic too” I realized I had to back off on my anti-consumerism. My compromise on the Santa front had been to tell her that yes there was a Santa but that he focused on giving toys to boys and girls whose mom’s and dad’s and grandma’s and grandpa’s couldn’t afford to buy them gifts. I explained to her how lucky she is to have so many grandma’s and grandpa’s that would be giving her gifts. I wanted her to understand that gift giving was about love and consideration not writing out a list to a stranger who would drop some loot overnight! Fat chance – she is a kid surrounded by other kids and TV and all the consumerism crap that tells her to ask for stuff and to believe in Santa. Fine – you win short one I give in – Yes, Santa will be stopping by our house. She told me we’d have to be quick and build a chimney. I told her I’d leave him a note that the front door was open and he could just pop in that way. So it’s Christmas Eve and while I got my pleasure out of cooking the most amazing roast beast ever along with roasted vegetables (thank you Barefoot Contessa) She was thrilled to make cookies and leave a plate, with milk for Santa. The tall one in the house stayed out of it all and was happy that his Christmas wish came true with a batch of burned cookies. Only burned cookies say Christmas to him, anything without crusty black on it is just considered raw. So the short one got her Santa, the tall on got his burned cookies, I was filled with pride at my Christmas Eve dinner. All is right with the world. Now to start the “Santa” production once the short one is asleep – that will be another post.  For now here is how the Eve went.

Cookies for Santa - decorated by the short one

Cookies - burned for the tall one. He is happy!

Cookie for Santa - decorated by the short one

The short one put out cookies and milk for Santa. She will find and empty cup, a plate with crumbs and a note in the morning.

Perfectly roasted vegtables. Perfect!

Perfect Roast Chicken with new potatoes and onions

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