Have Yourself A Merry Local Christmas

It’s a Southwest Christmas. This idea seemed easier then a turkey or ham for 12. So the day after Christmas December 26, I will celebrate the Holiday with the family. The kick off for this themed event started by placing an order with the best Tamale joint in town – The Tamale Store in Cave Creek. Since my family has such varied tastes and several of them won’t eat so much as a speck of pepper on their food, I had to order several different kinds to please everyone from the sweet and savory to the spicy for the few brave ones. The Tamale Store sells at many of the farmers markets around town. I scheduled to pick my order up at the Phoenix Market on Wednesday night. This was my first time going to the Phoenix Market at night. It was  cold but that really made it feel like a “real” chilly winter night. You can take the girl out of the midwest . . . .  The new indoor section of the market was hopping with wine, cheese and chocolate tastings. I picked up my tamales at the last stop, thankfully, because I think I may have over ordered. The bag weighed 25 pounds. Nothing wrong with left over tamales – mmmmm . . . . Here are some shots of the downtown Phoenix Market.

Fresh Local Veggies

Front view of the new indoor section

cheese tasting

This cheese was crusted with espresso and lavander - oh wow!!

chocolate tasting - the carmel was my favorite mmmmm

Old barrels re-used for secton signagelove their fabu logo

coffee shop inside the market

coffee shop seating inside the market

coffee shop seating outside the market - love this mint green color on the chairs

outdoor shot of the stalls

close up of a favorite stall

winter root veggie - radishes

after the farmers market we hit the Irish pub across the street - mmmm guinness

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