Had a Merry Southwest Christmas

As mentioned in a previous post the extended family Christmas had a Southwest theme this year. Our new tradition of the last few years is to celebrate the Saturday after Christmas so that everyone can do their own thing on Christmas and then come together more relaxed. That said – we are also all tired of ham and turkey by then so I thought now that all of my family lives out in Sunny Arizona (at least during the winter) we should celebrate the season by embracing the flavors of the South West. We had to make multiple versions of items due to some members of the family’s desire for a lot of heat in their food and some members who refuse to have a pinch of pepper added! Also, putting this post together I realized I forgot to take a picture of the Southwest peach/mango cobbler baked in the donkey shaped pan and since it is all gone I can’t do a re-do. It was yummy though let me say! Here are some pics of dishes made by . . . . . hmmm . . . . .  all the ladies of the family. Well, I guess the guys did build and keep stoked the holiday fire pit outside in the fabulous AZ weather. Oh and as a p.s. side note we discovered my brother doesn’t like this type of food. He ordered a pizza with out telling us and had it delivered to my house to the suprize of all of us when the knock came on the door. Well each to his own right!

Mango Citrus Punch

Guacamole - I think mom may have actually licked the bowl!

Spicy Chiplotle and Green Chili Salsa (only 3 of us dipped into this)

Warm black bean/corn dip - seriously good - mmmmmm

chili and sugar crusted dried mangos

Tamales from the Tamale Store - kind of a disapointment I wish I wouldn't have praised so much in an earlier post

Pan of corn enchillandas

Three bean chili

Southwestern Beans

Taco Pie

Peach Mango Salsa

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