4 carnivores and 1 non-beef eater

And everyone leaves happy . . . . .

While the in-laws were in town for New Years we ventured to the new 5 Guys burger stand in Tempe and everyone found something to be thankful for and to be annoyed by – perfect holiday experience! The 4 burger eaters were all happy and enjoyed their burgers although the tall one said he wanted to take the group to In and Out burger the next day for what he feels is truly the very best burger. He was vetoed though as a burger a week really is the limit. I am not a beef eater so I enjoyed the 5 Guys grilled cheese with sauteed mushrooms and onions – very tasty! We all enjoyed the fries although do four adults and one child really need a grocery bag filled with fries – the volume was a bit much. We all also enjoyed the “while you wait” peanuts offered in the “help yourself” cardboard bins. What we didn’t enjoy at all was the blasting, blaring, very load music. So loud we couldn’t actually talk to each other. Maybe their idea is to have you shut up and enjoy the food but the loudness was too much for anyone over 30.

The while you wait "help yourself" to the peanuts bin

The joint on Mill Ave.

The bottom of the bag of fries

The short ones plain hamburger

My grilled cheese with mushrooms and onions

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