10 years = Jewelry heaven and some pie

This past weekend the tall one and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. We headed to Flagstaff for the weekend, the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa! We didn’t do much – just hung out because it was cold and windy. Only 47 degrees for a high – brrrr. We did have a few fun meals including a stop at Rock Springs for a famous slice of pie. We shared the rhubarb, which it turns out I discovered the tall one doesn’t love. He didn’t share that until after I ordered but he wanted me to have the pie of my choice – so thanks hubby – I loved it! Mmmmmm . . . I am not even a pie eater but when in Rock Springs . . .

For my ten year gifty the tall one presented an unbelievable vintage wall unit for all of my jewelry! That is right an entire wall in our bedroom is now covered with this amazing vintage dentistry cabinet! It is so fabulous these pictures do not even offer it justice. This girl does love her accessories!

Rock Springs Pie Shack

Rock Springs Cafe

The Pie

Pretty Flagstaff

Snow on the Mnts in Flagstaff

The Cabinet

Dental trays still in the cabinet - now used for rings!

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