Japanese Washi Tapes (mt) Arrived!

I am so super excited because my Japanese Washi Tape (mt) arrived! They are so so lovely I can not stand it! I can’t wait to get at it. Thank you so very much to my friend Yuri for gathering them up at her local stationery shops in Japan and shipping them to me. What a thrill to receive them in the mail. I am going to have so much fun playing with them. YEA!!

About mt, as it is called in Japan:  Kamoi Kakoshi was founded nearly 90 years ago in Okayama, Japan. This is their world famous and completely original ‘mt’ brand rice paper masking tape. Transparent (but not too much) and in so many beautiful colors. To seal a note, decorate a gift, make a paper painting, in an album, anywhere for a bit of color. Tape is easy to reposition and tear by hand. Can also be written on for a quick note or label.

Japanese washi mt

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