Seeing the Sea Life

I had the opportunity to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium at the Arizona Mills Mall recently. Prior to going I was confused and curious why an aquarium in the middle of the desert? After going on a ferociously hot day I totally got it – no more judgement. It felt cool the whole time I was inside this really well designed space. The design makes you feel as though you are underwater and sometimes you actually are in when your under the water tunnels. There are moments that the ceiling is covered in what looks like old boards so you feel like you are under a ship. All of the graphics on the walls were great. The short one loved it all but was most excited by all of the interactive elements. She got to pet a star fish, search for fossils and dance on a moving floor that looked like rippling water. The ending playground was a huge hit too. It is really spendy for a family but to go as part of a party as we did is a better way to do it. So get your friends together and go as a group.

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