Creative Escape 2010 SWAPs

What a day. I just returned from Bazzill after a day filled with SWAP exchanges, gearing up for the big weekend long event starting Aug. 26. We had a good time today filling bags with goody exchanges. The quality of work was amazing and there were a couple of people who may have done all 20 or so SWAPs. Whoa! Wondering what a SWAP is? Well it works a little like this, you pick from a listed category such as handmade flower hair clip. You make three identical handmade flower hair clips, send them in and then they get exchanged for three different clips by three different people. It went like that all day long for cards, inchies, scrap pages, aprons, charms, key chains, fat quarters and even tiaras. The list goes on and on. All of the participants will receive their exchanged SWAPs at Creative Escape. See you there!

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