Béchamel Sauce Over Fennel Chicken

With that header I almost don’t even need to write a post. I think a photo and the word yum would suffice. But I would make some changes next time so a bit of writing is in order. I made an Italian Béchamel sauce  that I poured over cut up chicken breasts that were laying on a bed of blanched fennel. It was delicious but I felt like I wanted one other herb involved. I love fennel but in this dish it was very mild. Next time I make it I will add in an herb to give it a little bit more pop. This recipe came from my now very own copy of The Silver Spoon. This is a cook book I have wanted for 10 years but it was just always too spendy to justify the purchase. Last week my family found it for me for almost free at an auction. Thanks family!! I am in love with this cook book, the simplicity is just charming, not an extra word in sight. To go along with the chicken dish I made fingerling potatoes covered in chives, red onions and olive oil.

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