Pumpkin Powder

Have you ever heard of pumpkin powder? I hadn’t either until my recent ongoing pumpkin quest lead me to this nutritious item. What is it for and What is is all about? Well, let me tell you. Dried pumpkin powder can be used to replace some of the flour in breads and baked goods to produce some interesting foods.

Here is what you do:

  • Replace up to 1/4 c of flour with dried pumpkin powder in your favorite recipe.
  • In your pasta recipes, start with 1 T of pumpkin powder and adjust according to the intensity of flavor you are looking for.
  • Use dried pumpkin powder as a natural colorant to foods.  This is especially helpful if you are trying to color yogurt coating for dog biscuits. See my post on pumpkins for pets from a few days ago.

Where to your buy it? Pop on over to Barry’s Farm. They have it for sale for around a dollar an ounce.

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