Pumpkin Powder

Have you ever heard of pumpkin powder? I hadn’t either until my recent ongoing pumpkin quest lead me to this nutritious item. What is it for and What is is all about? Well, let me tell you. Dried pumpkin powder can be used to replace some of the flour in breads and baked goods to produce some interesting foods.

Here is what you do:

  • Replace up to 1/4 c of flour with dried pumpkin powder in your favorite recipe.
  • In your pasta recipes, start with 1 T of pumpkin powder and adjust according to the intensity of flavor you are looking for.
  • Use dried pumpkin powder as a natural colorant to foods.  This is especially helpful if you are trying to color yogurt coating for dog biscuits. See my post on pumpkins for pets from a few days ago.

Where to your buy it? Pop on over to Barry’s Farm. They have it for sale for around a dollar an ounce.

Pumpkin is for the Dogs

Just when you thought that the only place to find pumpkin was in the grocery store baking isle. Look a few isles over and you’ll find that there is now pet food that is pumpkin based. Hey I am not the only one obsessed. Find the goods for pets pureed, as kibble and as dog biscuits and treats. Why you ask? Because it is high in vitamin A and high in fiber and pets need the ruffage too. Pumpkin is good for pets with tummy troubles as it aids in digestion but use in moderation because it can pack the pounds on your pup.

Cinco De Mayo Fun

So I went with the fam to the Cinco De Mayo Celebration out in Chandler, AZ. Mainly to see the Chihuahua dog run. We took some pics of  the dressed up Chihuahuas. People are very serious about their love for these little doggies. There was a photo studio set up outside to take photos of your “baby” beloved dog. Like I said – some seriousness going on here! The dog photo’s were $8 and people where lined up! I think the line was longer for that then for the tamale stand – what?!

This one belongs to my sister

Hawaiian Version Pooch

True Cinco De Mayo style!

I also had to partake in the holiday spirit a bit by getting on the trampoline bungee thing! A crane system pulled you up to about two stories high and would release you to bounce down onto the trampoline located below you. The first pull up I have to admit my stomach dropped a bit but after that it was a really fun two minute ride. I tried with everything I had to do a flip while up in the air but the core muscles just aren’t there. Those damn teenagers who went before me made it look so easy.

Trying with all my might to do a flip

Coming back down