Play to Learn

The Re-imagine Learning Network launched in the spring of 2014. One of the earliest priorities was tapping leading social entrepreneurs to understand their models, distill their insights, and then share what was learned with education stakeholders hungry for change. Findings from these conversations and interviews were packaged in a 50-page report, “Social Innovation Mapping: Entrepreneurial Patterns for the Future of Learning.”

Re-imagine Learning Challenge Video from LEGO Foundation on Vimeo.

The Re-imagine Learning Network is a global team of like-minded playful learning practitioners who are truly transforming the way the world sees and does education. At Laboratory5 Inc we are play practitioners who believe, strongly in using play to train, educated and lead.

Learning through play is best as a group activity so grab a partner or create a tribe and get to having some fun!


Laboratory5 Inc. is a small business based in Tempe, Arizona

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