Play Outside – Look up!

There are so many ways to create kids who love being and playing outside. Children benefit greatly from the sensory experiences in nature, including looking at things outside, smelling things that are organic in nature, listening to sounds in nature and touching textures while they are outside.

So how do we actively do the work to get kids off of tech and out into nature?  Start small!  Ask a child to step outside and look at shapes that they can see in the clouds, once out there have them notice the wind on their face or the feeling of sun shining down on them. Ask them to take a deep breath and smell the scents all around them, have them describe what they smell. Grow their outdoor experiences from there.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.36.47 AM

Want to turn this activity in to a creative outcome? Check out “The Cloudspotter’s Guide” from your local library and then use the attached Cloud Template: Clouds Template

And follow these instructions:

How to make a cloud mobile


The Clouds:

  1. Use the PDF cloud template offered on this site. Cut out five cloud shapes out of cream or white cardstock.
  2. Glue these shapes down on a larger piece of paper, leaving plenty of room around each shape.
  3. Look at each shape and think about what it looks like i.e: a rocket ship? A fried egg? Draw that shape around the cloud form and cut each bigger picture out.
  4. Use colored pencils to color in the outer forms if desired.
  5. Hole punch the top of each shape.
  6. Run a piece of string or yarn down through each of the holes so you form a continuous ladder of shapes.
  7. Tie the top piece of string or yarn off into a hanging loop.






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