wonky style gift wrapping from scraps

No seriously, I am so into the holidays. I normally don’t even do the gift thing but this year I am magically finding perfect little giving opportunities for the people in my life. But the best part for me is the gift wrapping – that is where the fun is to be had. I have a ridiculous studio that is so fabulous and it is filled with things to pull from for any project. I am an organized, focused hoarder. I love, love, love the personal label maker –  so I know where everything is right now. Easy! Buy the bins, buy the label maker – make it your New Years Resolution. okay that is another post let us focus on the wrapping of the gifts. This was so much Fun – yes capital F! Descriptions of what the materials are in the captions below each image.

Faux wood contact paper, creme constructions paper, found maroon ribbon and a white felt circle

Sports section of the newspaper, thrift store found rubber stamp "I love Grandpa", snowflake stamp, blue ribbon and blue cardstock

Tissue paper, school "practice writting" paper, "happy holidays" rubber stamp, peppermint striped bakers twine, candy cane stamp and colored card stock

Paper IKEA tablecloth, brown pok-a-dot ribbon, orange grossgrain ribbon, cardstock, rubber stamp tree from Anthropology

Tissue paper stamped with a bicycle (rubber stamp from Anthropology,) orange ribbon, green felt circle

White tissue paper stamped with snowflakes, vintage silver tinsel ribbon, blue card stock

School "practice writing" paper, creme construction paper, stamps and drawing with a LePen

Homemade Disney paper: 1$ store wrapping paper, 1$ store princess rubber stamps, cotton ribbon, creme construction paper. Stamp princesses all over and everywhere

Orange 1$ Store wrapping paper, Vintage orange plastic drawer liner (cut into a strip), white poof balls on a ribbon, stamp, drawing on creme construction paper

Vintage, yellow, faux canning, plastic drawer liner with a cotton ribbon covered in buttons and a red button snowflake ornament

Banking leger paper, bicycle and house stamp from Anthropology and red bakers twine

Flea Market Finds

Today was the parking lot flea market at the Trove in Scottsdale. The tall one was selling mid century furniture, I was there as support. Unfortunately it was a rare day of rain in Arizona. It was cool and felt lovely but was not such a good thing for wood. I did roam around and pick up a few bargin finds. The short one loved playing all day in the back of the pick-up who would have guessed that one? She is creative! And now for my finds:


Wooden fish pin for $1


Colorful musical instrument pin for $4


Box of vintage Christmas paper tags for $2

If A Halloween Party . . .

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween. Dressing up, passing out candy and cute tricker treaters. Orange is my favorite color and I love all things pumpkin. I collected some images this past month of stuff I would use if I were throwing a Halloween Party. There will be no Halloween at the Lab5 casa this year. Sad, I know but this mama is just too busy to take it on. So instead I can think about it through pictures.  Hmmm there is a lot of alcohol – maybe I need a one person party to get some drink on. Here goes . . .

Party Invitation paperOwl screen printed on canvas bags - ideally filled with take-a-way party favorsTemporary tats for the party attendeesFabu cupcake papers for the delicious pumpkin flavored cupcakes I'd makeAnd the cupcake stand!Cute boxes would be filled with candy cornsmmmm pumpkin ale "Twisted" red wine"Evil" red wineBlack cat winewitches brew"Trick" wineHalloween Sangria by Ed Hardy